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Anxiety on getting your own website up and running?
Or are you overly worried about the rising costs of self-hosting your website?
Not anymore, come aboard and join the Glammer spaceship and
get your knowledge today!



Get the Latest On website building

WordPress powers more than 40% of the internet these days. And information is all around us.

To not get overwhelmed, and to make sense of it all, you have to know where to start looking. 

Sweat no more, our course is the best option for you as a new entrant into self-managing your website.

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Course Overview


Action, and Adventure

Upcoming Class

Late Aug, 2022




WordPress, Divi

Working on a website should not be hard, and neither should it take away all our brain…juices.

Working on your website also does not mean you need to do it alone, and without any sort of directions.

That is why this course is a big deal! Not only will you get support along the way, you have a small community behind you.

Course Inclusions

Here is a breif overview of what will be covered in the course.


  • Introduction
  • Web servers and hosting
  • Domains and DNS
  • Get a free server
  • Setup professional email for free
  • Using a hosting control panel


  • WordPress essentials
  • WordPress admin
  • Pages, Posts, Menus, and Widgets
  • WordPress housekeeping

Divi Essentials

  • Divi theme
  • Customise Divi
  • Using Divi Builder

Divi Novice

  • How to install Divi manually
  • Child theme
  • Layouts
  • Divi Builder
  • Hhelp, and support

Website Care

  • Introduction to on-page search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Image optimisation
  • Site speed
  • Website security
  • Off-site website backups
  • Importance of website care


  • Build 2 sites, one corporate, and one e-commerce

Uncover the Whole Story

Life is hard enough. 

Do not make it harder by building a website from scratch and paying for website hosting that you hardly use.

In this course we will guide you on how to get your website hosting, hosting control panel, and professional email for free.

I hear it is yummy!

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See how easy it is to get started with WordPress when using Divi with it.

You no longer have to guess what you are building with this awesome visual builder for your website.

None of the bloat, only whatever floats (your boat) XD

Join and Follow the Community

Do not be afraid that you are not alone in the WordPress and Divi communities.

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